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It is with great pleasure I can now announce the future plans for the iconic Hollywood Cinema.

The Hollywood Cinema has been sold. The new owner intends to continue with the cinema as a viable venture and put his own stamp on it. This is great news for the local community. Customers and locals have expressed a great desire for the cinema to continue.

With the Wurlitzer Organ's departure to pastures greener, it will also allow the Hollywood to be in a position to take advantage of the spacious stage again after many years of it not being available. This was due to the massive amount of pipe work which was the heart and soul of the pipe organ. The pipes and chests were housed directly behind the screen in three large rooms. Once the area has been cleared and the stage is reinstated, the new owner has some innovative ideas formulating in his mind to make the best use of this long lost asset.

The first planned event to re-launch the cinema is the annual 24 hour Movie Marathon which has a huge cult following of devoted fans which come every year from as far away as Dunedin. The programme will include cult classics as well as special event new release films. The Marathon takes place on the 21st of November and concludes on the 22nd of November. Check out the following web information to secure tickets as it always sells out fast.

24 Hour Movie Marathon 2015

The transition should be smooth and allows some continuity for the loyal and supportive customers who have been expressing great interest in the cinema's future.

Yours faithfully, Mark Matheson (Hollywood Cinema Manager).